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Legislation on the use of workers with disabilities: conditions for successful use

Would you employ workers with disabilities, but you don't yet know how to proceed? Do you have questions, dilemmas?

Participate in the Handheld Foundation

"Legislation on the use of workers with disabilities: conditions for successful employment"

online legal and employment workshop on the european union.

The event opens: dr. Simon Attila István, Deputy State Secretary for Social Affairs


The event will take place as part of the HBLF Diversity Week programme series, as part of the EMPLOYMENT 2019 project of the National Disability and Social Policy Centre. Participation is free.The workshop is held on the Zoom Webinar interface, the technical details will be communicated in a separate letter to the registered applicants. 

In the first half of the workshop, one of the most well-known hungarian experts in the topic, the head of the legal aid service of the Handheld Foundation, dr. Adrienn Gazsi

– the legal background of employment of workers with disabilities, benefits, tax and labour law information, and

– changes due to the epidemiological situation. 

In the second half of the workshop, Miklós Fehér, head of the employment group of the Handheld Foundation, will give a lecture on our open labour market services, the role of the internal mentor and our training for HR managers.The workshop is interactive, we give you the opportunity to ask questions and comment. 

Please register separately, regardless of the number of tools used to participate! Registration will be forwarded to the National Disability and Social Policy Centre, which finances the event.  

If you have any questions, contact us: munka@kezenfogva.hu

By registering for the event, you agree to the electronic recording of the event and use it for documentation purposes.

Application deadline: 24.05.2020. 



The Handheld Foundation's Legal and Employment Workshop

10.00 – 10.10 Introduction and toast

10.10 – 10.30 Introductions

10:30 – 11:20 Legal background for employment of persons with disabilities:
• What is the rehabilitation contribution, the conditions for exemption
• Conditions for exemption from the social contribution tax
• Other benefits associated with the employment of workers with disabilities
• special rules for the use of workers with disabilities
• various benefits for workers with disabilities (tax incentives, additional leave, etc.)
• Possibilities of wage subsidies
• Employer accreditation
• Changes in legislation in the current emergency from an employer's point of view
Lecturer dr. Gazsi Adrienn, Handheld Foundation

11:20 – 11:40 Q&A

11:40 – 11:50 Break

11:50 – 12:10 General employer information, open labour market services, internal mentor role, training for HR managers.
Rapporteur: Miklós Fehér, Handheld Foundation

12:10 – 12:20 Employer experience on the employment of workers with disabilities.
Rapporteur: Viktória Horváth, Auchan Hungary.

12:20 – 12:50 Q&A

12:50 – 13:00 Closing the workshop



Application code number: EMPLOYMENT2019/C/3
Title of proposal: Support for programmes to promote the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market

The event is finished.