Csatlakozom Jelentkezés eseményre

A diverse experience diary for a diverse future

Cooperation between the Staples Foundation and Praktiker Hungary with the involvement of the

Praktiker Hungary closely monitors the training and integration of future workers into the labour market. And the Staples Foundation supports children and their families who require special needs (SNI) from an early stage of their lives. 

All children are workers of the future, but some do not have the same chances. They and their helpers are preparing the so-called." "Experience Diary", which is a tool used in different areas of special education and is usually prepared by the parent based on shared experiences. There are wonderful, unique treasures that can be used for many years from starting speech to telling stories. 

Praktiker Ltd. and the Staples Foundation, as another step in their cooperation, has launched a joint competition nationally, entitled "My Experience Diary" among the 1,600 practical employees and their families. 

  • you can choose from multiple drawings and write a story related to it. 
  • Tales can be written by anyone nationally, there are several tales to be written. 
  • The best tales will be included in the book – which will be published – and the top 3 will receive a valuable gift 

In connection with Diversity Week, the Staples Foundation presents the details of the Experience Log in a q&a program with The Prraktiker!

The interface of the BeLive studio will be : https://app.belive.tv/

The event will be live on Facebook!

The event is finished.