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Energy and diversity in crisis

Is it possible to deal with this now? Is diversity a priority or disadvantage in times of pandemic and oil crisis? Does the presence of women in the board help to effectively address the crisis? The leaders of the largest energy companies will answer, among other things, the above questions. 

We are honored to have Szabolcs I. Ferencz, President and CEO of FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Co., Anita Orbán , Vice President of Tellurian Inc., Kinga Daradics, Head of MOL Group Integrated Platforms and Solutions, István Captain, Vice President of Global Retail, Tokai Magdolna, Deputy Ceo of MVM Services, and Dora Sibeni, Head of Legal M&A of MET Group, accepted our invitation to the conversation.

The Hungarian-language panel is chaired by Andrea Panczél, President of Women in Energy, WONY.

The event is finished.