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Together for each other – Division of labour between the sexes during and after Covid

A number of studies have been published in recent months on the impact of epidemic challenges on women's equality. We also see evidence of a sleaze in the current situation where the unequal distribution of domestic workloads between the sexes has decreased somewhat. We are going around these questions with our invited speakers and, in a mini-workshop, we are looking to our participants to see how any positive changes will be sustainable in the long term.

The program is organized by the Business Women's Network (BWN). The BWN association is a business-focused group of women. Our goal is to create a business-focused community of women with the same values, where members are ready to develop, expand their horizons and build professional relationships for their personal and professional success.

Invited chatting partners:
Olga Békéssy, Women's Relay founder-editor-in-chief
Gábor Halmos, Business Consultant and Trainer, The Way of Men – Founder of the Circle of Conscious Men

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