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Backward parts of the country and labour market: win-win solutions for disadvantaged workers and their employers

What are the opportunities for people in disadvantaged municipalities in the labour market? What trends can be expected after the coronavirus crisis? What mutually beneficial solutions can help?

Since April, simpact has been looking for answers in national labour market research, under the "Catching Up Settlements" programme, commissioned by the Maltese Charity and the Echienical Aid Organisation. The aim of the research is to understand the views of all parties involved in labour market integration, to identify their needs and to find mutually beneficial opportunities for cooperation.

We would like to present the webinar

– the most interesting results of national labour market research to date (SIMPACT)

– the "Catch-up Settlements" programme and how it helps the integration of disadvantaged municipalities into the labour market (Nándor Németh – Maltese Charity)

– a success story in which mutually beneficial cooperation was established (Balázs Vízváry – WHC)

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