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MASTER CLASS / Diversity in practice during Covid-19 pandemic

2021-05-26 @ 14:00 - 15:00





Keynote speaker: Klára Tatár-Kiss, CE5 Cluster HR Head at Citi


„Diversity and inclusion have become by now a new workplace imperative. We, at Citi fully embrace diversity and we have multiple affinity groups working together to make sure that all our colleagues feel at home at the workplace. This work requires a lot of collaboration and on-site presence or rather say, required. The COVID-19 pandemic, how unexpectedly it impacted our work and mobility put us a world, where change was essential. The purpose of this workshop is to explore, how we could continue our best in class diversity and inclusion practices and how we had to address some new emerging ones, such as the well-being of all our colleagues. Let’s explore the journey we have taken and learn from it together.”

The language of the event is English

Participation at the event is free.







14:00 - 15:00
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