Csatlakozom Jelentkezés eseményre

Corporate diversity became an important topic in Hungary more than a decade ago, and HBLF has been tackling it as a priority issue for the past 9 years within it Diversity Target Group: it created its own Diversity Code in 2007 with the support of Shell Hungary Zrt.

The Diversity Target Group put a number of successful initiatives into practice in recent years, such as the Job Exchange for People with Changed Working Abilities, where more than 30 exhibitors and some 600 job seekers participated. We have had a successful photography competition for years with titles such as Diversity workplace opportunities, Different Generations and Health Promotion in the workplace, Working Parents, and Performing with Changed Working Abilities, and more than 50 entries came in at a time.


Since 2008, mtd Consulting Community has been working on to make the responsible employment and equal opportunities at workplaces the integral part of the CSR activities of Hungarian businesses and institutions. For that goal the organization do researches both European and national levels (mtd Benchmark Research), keep trainings, organize events, and build communities to share good practices. The mtd Consulting Community organizes the Equal Opportunities Conference every two year which is very popular amongst professionals. The event makes a hit every year with its always actual diversity based topics, pleasant mood, colorful speakers and participants. In 2015 the Diversity Convention based on the European Union’s diversity principles has been launched by their initiative. The Convention has been integrated – with the joining of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum- to the Diversity Charter which represents a higher level according to the previous document.

2016 is an important milestone in the life of HBLF and mtd because it became possible to take our diversity related achievements to the international arena with Hungarian government support. This is how the Diversity Charter Hungary came into being that merges the Diversity Code of HBLF Diversity Target Group and the mtd Diversity Agreement from before, and shall continue to function in the future.



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