Diversity Charter in Hungary

The European Diversity Charter in Hungary

The European Diversity Charter was initiated in 2004 in order to capture and promote the European Union’s anti-discrimination and diversity policies among employers. Its main objective is to raise leaders’ awareness and to increase their commitment to mainstreaming diversity in their organizations by providing support and inspiration for developing and rethinking human resource management.

The Diversity Charter can be signed by any organization – regardless of their size – which is committed to respecting equality and to creating a diverse organizational culture and undertakes continuous development for reaching the goals of the charter.

Diversity largely contributes to the success of businesses and other types of organisation by increasing innovation and creativity, including new customers and business and other partners and enabling them to react to changes more quickly. Moreover, it also supports the compliance with the anti-discrimination sections of the Constitution and other legal regulations. Therefore those signing the Charter have the following aspirations:

  1. Our primary goal is to represent the diversity of the Hungarian society in our workforce.
  2. Our organizational culture is based on the values of mutual respect and equality, therefore diversity mainstreaming and the acceptance of difference inclusion is treated as a priority.
  3. Our employee relationships, our partnerships with customers and our business environment are aimed at promoting a long-term sustainable culture, which is in line with the values described in the Charter.
  4. In the course of leading our organization we prioritise maintenance of diversity and we ensure this reflected in our strategy and in all HR processes.
  5. We create equality and a discrimination-free environment in order to ensure that all our employees are treated in accordance with the mutually agreed values and policies. We pursue a human resources policy based on the principle of equal treatment, avoiding discrimination based on race, skin colour, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or political views.
  6. We inform our employees about their rights and duties connected to mainstreaming equality and we create opportunities for reaching work-life balance and for individual development.
  7. We are committed to maintain diversity in our organization; we undertake to build in equality and diversity goals into our strategy and we monitor the realization of those goals.
  8. In order to raise awareness in the wider society we inform our employees, customers and the greater public about joining the Diversity Charter and about our best practices.


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