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Hungarian Business Leaders Forum

The HBLF was founded in 1992 as the Hungarian branch of The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum in London, at the personal initiative of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. HBLF is Hungary’s pre-eminent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) organization. It is an NGO bringing together nearly 100 Hungarian and international companies, key business leaders, decision-makers and recognized experts. Our mission is to promote the social, economic, and environmental sustainable development of Hungary through the active participation of our members.

HBLF aims to:

  • To raise awareness of the responsibilities of corporate leaders in international and domestic business practice
  • To help business leaders, as enablers of progress, to implement responsible business solutions across all company activities
  • To encourage partnership and social dialogue between business sector, public sector and NGOs
  • Help create an “inclusive environment” that enables the sustainable development of the country

A HBLF activities:

HBLF 2020minimum20 CLUB 

The mission of the 20 20 minimum 20 Club is to increase the proportion of women in management and on boards to 20% or more by 2020 and to reduce the pay gap that may exist between women and men – equal pay for equal work.

 HBLF Women Leaders Forum

The HBLF Women Leaders Forum was established in March 2005 with the aim of creating a dialogue between women in politics and business to support the long-term sustainable development of the country. The Women Leaders Forum supports the HBLF’s mission to promote and encourage social responsibility and its systemic integration into organizations operating in Hungary.


Launched in 2014, the initiative is an exclusive platform to which the top leaders of the Hungarian business sector, regardless of industry, are invited. The high-level meetings aim to foster collaborative thinking, knowledge sharing and discussion of current issues such as technological development, innovation, environmental protection, resource management or social change affecting the entire economy. The event stimulates innovative thinking.

 HBLF Hard Talk

In 2013, the HBLF launched Hard Talk, an invitation-only discussion, following the “Chatham House” rule, with the media completely excluded. This prestigious event features renowned personalities who share their views on the current economic situation and outlook for Hungary and the world. The exclusion of the media provides a relaxed and open atmosphere for discussion, both for the speakers and the participating business leaders and businesspeople.


HBLF Finance Summit

Launched in 2005, the Finance Summit series provides a platform and partnership for politics, business, and civil society to discuss forward-looking economic developments.


HBLF Romaster Program 

The ROMASTER talent management programme was jointly launched in February 2007 by the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) and IBM Hungary. The aim of the programme is to further expand the Roma community with adequate language skills and higher education, whose members will enter the labor market with competitive knowledge and equal opportunities or become active participants in the competitive market environment through their own businesses.

Organizational diversity has been a major issue in Hungary for more than a decade, and HBLF has been working on this issue in the framework of the Diversity Work Group for the past 12 years, since 2007, when it established its own Diversity Code with the support of Shell Hungary Ltd.

In recent years, the HBLF Diversity Work Group has implemented several successful initiatives, such as the Job Fair for People with Disabilities, which was attended by more than 30 exhibiting companies and 600 job seekers. For several years, we have run a successful photo competition on Diversity in the Workplace, Meeting of the Generations and Health Promotion, Parenting at Work and Performance with Disability, with over 50 entries received on each occasion. Also, in 2018 HBLF, with the support of Shell Hungary Ltd. launched its Women’s Business-to-Business Mentoring Programme, which from 2019 will also include representatives of Charter Signatory member companies.


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