Why should you join?

Demographic changes, market globalization, the movement of people, intergenerational and intercultural coexistence, an ageing population, the changing roles of men and women in society and parenthood, the lengthening of professional careers – these are all changes that we need to consider and integrate into our thinking in order to respond adequately to the economic challenges of the 21st century.

The EU Diversity Charter Hungary is an international initiative in Hungary which:

  • have a strong professional understanding of all aspects of diversity
  • holds international qualifications
  • provides professional support for the launch of new diversity projects or to complement existing ones
  • is a community with a strong commitment to shaping societal attitudes
  • contributes to work-life balance, increases employee satisfaction, and plays a significant role in talent retention

More than 80% of domestic companies believe that increasing employee loyalty, a tolerant workplace climate and attracting and retaining talent are business advantage.

There is evidence from a range of international research that organizations that recognize the importance and benefits of organizational diversity have measurably better business outcomes. Research from the globally recognized McKinsey also shows that companies with a good gender balance outperform less diverse organizations by 15% and those with cultural diversity outperform less diverse organization by 35%.

The first 55 companies that signed the Diversity Charter have a more diverse workforce than average and most have been working on equal opportunities at organizational level for more than a year. The Diversity Survey shows that improving work-life balance, improving employee satisfaction, and retaining talent are at the top of employers’ objectives. And as an improvement on current business practices, they have made 3 to 10 commitments to achieve these goals.

Besides assessing areas for improvement, supporting, and implementing new diversity projects, Diversity Charter Hungary has sought to establish innovative programmes. Since 2016, every year we have organized Diversity Week, during which participating companies organize programmes and events for their employees to promote and raise awareness of equal treatment, openness towards each other and the importance of acceptance.

During Diversity Week, HBLF for Diversity – Club Events will take place, showcasing good practices at different levels, emphasizing the values and benefits of diversity, and highlighting personal impressions alongside professional experiences.