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Borsodi Brewery Ltd. has joined the EU Diversity Karta Hungary

Borsodi Brewery started operating in Bőcsö in 1973 and as a member of molson coors beverage company Hungary to impress beer consumers around the world.

The brewery's name is associated with the appearance of the first non-alcoholic, the first metal canned beer and the first flavoured beer among the most consumed beers on the domestic market.

Borsodi enjoys unbroken popularity, it has been one of the most sold beer in Hungary for many years. The brewery's portfolio includes brands such as Borsodi, Borsodi Fresh, Staropramen, Stella Artois, Beck's, Leffe and Hoegaarden.

"Equal opportunities and fair treatment are of the utmost importance to us. Our main aspirations continue to include creating a diverse corporate culture, equal opportunities and increasing the number of female leaders, promoting work-life balance and the well-being of our colleagues, which is encouraged by the objectives of the Faculty of Diversity."