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Demographic changes, market globalisation, people’s movements, coexistence of generations and cultures, the aging population, changes in the gender roles and roles as parents, a longer professional career – these are all changes that need to be considered and built into our mind-set in order to react appropriately to 21st century economic challenges.

A number of international research studies prove that organisations which realise the importance and advantages of organisational diversity achieve measurably better business results. More than 80% of Hungarian companies also feel that increasing business loyalty, a tolerant working environment and attracting and retaining talents are all business advantages.

The 55 companies first to sign the Diversity Charter have a work force composition that is more diverse than average and most of them have tackled equal opportunities at the organisation level for over a year by now. Diversity Analysis clearly shows that the priorities of employers include the improvement of work-private life balance, increasing employee satisfaction and retaining talents. In addition, to develop their business practices, they made 3-5 or even 10 commitments in order to achieve the objectives.


Besides assessing the areas to be developed, supporting diversity projects and implementing them, the Diversity Charter Hungary aimed to establish innovative programmes. This year we organised for the first time the Diversity Week when the 45 participating companies organised programmes and events for their employees that promoted and raised awareness to equal treatment, to openness to each other and to the importance of acceptance. 


Our Club Event took place during the Diversity Week too, where we showed good practices in 3 levels – national, corporate and individual – highlighted the values and advantages inherent in diversity, and cast light upon professional experience and personal impressions as well.