Csatlakozom Jelentkezés eseményre

Since launching the Diversity Charter in Hungary, this is the first time that the Diversity Week is organised here, but it has had a tradition in the European Union for years. Several hundreds of business ventures participate with thousands of their employees to call attention on these days to the importance of work place diversity and equal opportunities.

During this Week, the participating companies organise events and activities for their employees through which they promote and call attention to equal treatment, to openness to each other and to the need of acceptance.

 How can you be part of this initiative in only 4 steps?
Let us know of your intention to join, and this way showing your commitment to diversity
Choose the activity from the diversity programmes we recommend that suits you best

(flashmob, photo/video contest, picnic, walk in my shoes, timeless diversity, this is my country)

Organise the selected event within the Diversity Week
Communicate the event among the involved parties

We will act, and you?

 Why is diversity good in the life of a company?
It enhances corporate culture
Contributes to shaping employees’ attitude
Gives a change to win over and commit the Y and Z generations
Helps in the personal and professional development of the employees
It can mobilise employees and build synergies with stakeholders
Enhances loyalty, motivation and team spirit
Builds a positive brand  – commitment, retention and attraction
 Do you plan to organise your diversity promotion events at a different time?
We accept programmes organized on other dates as well
We include you among the participanting companies
We provide the communication surface


Companies participating in the programme will be included in the press communication of the Diversity Week and they will be displayed on its website and on its Facebook account. For the sake of the widest possible communication of the initiative, we request companies participating in the Diversity Week to use the following hashtags in their communication: #sokszinüséghete #diversityweek.

Please contact the Hungarian representative of the Diversity Week in connection with joining at one of following contact details: Phone: +36 30 30 16016; info@sokszinusegikarta.hu


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