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2020. May 25 – 29 – HBLF Diversity Week


Budapest, 2020. 12 May  HBLF Diversity Week will move to digital platforms in 2020, so this year 12 companies and NGOs are looking forward to a total of 13 diverse events from around the country. Interactive and free events will take place on Facebook Live, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype, with a key role for female leaders, employees with disabilities, representatives of Generation Z, and talented Roma youth.  


 Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 crown virus epidemic, only 4 countries from the 24 national Diversity Charters of the European Union have agreed to organise diversity events in May this year: the Czech and German partners are celebrating a Diversity Day, the Poles' Diversity Month, and in Hungary HBLF celebrates initiatives and good practices for diversity in the workplace in a one-week programme. 


The HBLF kicks off the summer with an international WOMEN's X MENTOR program, for this kick-off event you can register for through the www.sokszinusegikarta.hu site. For the one-year program, HBLF's international mentors come from all over the world, including From North America, Manila, Beijing, Seville, Brussels and, of course, Budapest. Thanks to the program, female mentors can gain international experience and knowledge, which can be used in future employment. The opening event will be written in English, but the programme itself will be in two languages. (2020. 28 May) 

There will be no shortage of international events, as in cooperation with our German Diversity Charter partner (Charter der Vielfalt), we can invite 257 German-language programs to invite those who have time to visit Germany online on 26 May! (2020. 26 May)

On the issue of WOMEN LEADERS, The President of the Women in Energy Association, Andrea Panczél, raises the following questions: Advantage or disadvantage in times of diversity pandemic and oil crisis? Does the presence of women on the board help to effectively address the crisis? (2020. 25 May) 

The creation of diversity and gender equality is not an end in itself, but is essential for the success of a company. For E.ON, it is important to strengthen, support and support women's leadership roles within the company. This is why their program is about the female members of our company's leadership training program and the professional challenges faced by women in managerial positions. As part of Diversity Week, E.ON staff are invited to attend 3 different events. (2020.05.26.) 

In the women's leadership issue, Heal Edina, founder of the Equator Foundation, takes the following questions with her invited guests: the benefits of women's participation in making decisions, why it's important not to look at problems and situations from a single perspective, and not to take into account the interests of a group. The female experience is much different from that of men, as is the way the elderly and the young, the affluent and the needy experience the world. (2020.05.27.) 

IN 2019, magyar telekom, which created the first unconscious bias e-learning curriculum in Hungarian, has been made available free of charge under awareness of Unconscious Prejudice, with the aim of supporting the anti-discrimination efforts of all Hungarian businesses and organizations in order to create a more open and inclusive corporate culture. In our work in quarantine, we feel all of this exponentially… (2020. 05. 27.) 

The Business Women's Network (BWN) is holding a mini-workshop on gender work, based on numerous studies in recent months on the impact of epidemic challenges on women's equality. We also see evidence of a sleaze in the current situation where the unequal distribution of domestic workloads between the sexes has decreased somewhat. But will the potentially positive changes that have been made during the epidemic be sustainable in the future? (2020. 05. 26.) 

The Handhold Foundation provides legal advice on the employment of staff with disabilities, including the legal background of employment of workers with disabilities, discounts, tax and labour law information, and changes in the epidemiological situation. (2020. 05. 28.) 

Workplace diversity With A GENERATION's eye, this year's theme of British American Tobacco. What do we really mean by diversity? One thing, or really everyone else? What does it mean that a workplace is diverse? Or what makes future workers attractive? Do we have to act differently in integrating generation Z workers than we have done before? These and similar questions are sought in his presentation by Katona Fanni, the British American Tobacco Z generation HR. (2020. 05. 29.) 

Children and FAMILIES cannot be left out of the programmes, as all children are workers of the future, but some do not have the same chances. They and their aides are preparing for the so-called "safe work". "Experience Diary", which is a tool used in different areas of special education and is usually prepared by the parent on the basis of shared experiences. There are wonderful, unique treasures that can be used for many years from starting speech to telling stories. The joint cooperation between the Staples Foundation and Praktiker Hungary can be announced on the afternoon of 25 May. (2020. 05. 25.) 

The Romaster Foundation raises current questions in its final programme of the week, both in relation to programmes supporting roma employment and on digital education due to the epidemic situation. Among their invited speakers, Zsuzsanna Árendás (PhD; Central European University – Centre for Public Policy Studies- Centre for Social Sciences) and Messing Vera (PhD; Central European University – Centre for Public Policy Studies – Centre for Social Sciences Research Centre) discuss the work of highly qualified Roma youth in the business sphere: experience in the light of corporate diversity. (2020.05.29.) 

More events, information and registration here: 


 At our events, representatives of the press are welcome!

Contact details of the organizers: 

Zita Pergel – Faculty of Diversity Secretary – zita.pergel@hblf.hu 

Zsuzsa Fieszl – Managing Director, HBLF – zsuzsa.fieszl@hblf.hu 

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