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Diversity value – summary of Diversity Week 1 day

Budapest, 2020. 05. 25. The first two events of the hungarian Diversity Week closed yesterday with almost 100 participants. The main theme of the Praktiker and Staples Foundation events on Facebook Live was how to create a good strategic collaboration between a for-profit and a not-for-profit company. The good practice presented is the so-called "Staples Foundation". It was an "experience diary." The journal is mainly kept in line with the ranks of special education tools, and the essence is that, for example, parents of children with hearing impairments draw, write and glue experiences from the child's previous period before their children receive special education development, so that when the little one enters a foreign environment in his own words, he can tell the story of his own experiences, and an instant connection can be established between the development educator and the child. Praktiker further developed this basic idea in the Praktiker Family, as their employees were asked to add stories to certain Images in the Experience Diary, and from this a competition for everyone was developed, where children and adults could write their stories together for predefined color drawings. The end result will be the publication of an Experience Diary book next year and a super collaboration!

At 5 p.m., the Women in Energy (WONY) association's program began, and its president, Andrea Panczél, invited the following guests on the topic of diversity in the crisis:

Szabolcs Ferencz, President and CEO of FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Co., Anita Orbán, Vice President of Tellurian Inc., Kinga Daradics, Head of Mol Group Integrated Platforms and Solutions, István Captain, Global Vice President of Global Retail, Tokai Magdolna, Deputy Ceo of MVM Services, and Dora Sibeni, Head of Met Group Legal M&A.

The first topic of the good conversation was the management of the crisis. Several people noted that, after the first shock, the primary task was to deploy workers to the Home Office and to maintain their effective work, so that they could not be ordered to work from home as safely as possible because of their work. There were several scenarios, with partner vendors thinking. The successes of the first period after the outbreak of the crisis could be achieved by the strengthening of team cohesion, unconventional attitudes, creativity and flexibility taking control of the usual routine.

All the guests agreed that diverse companies, precisely because of their diversity, have more receptors, so that they can adapt to sudden changing circumstances more quickly than their counterparts with less diverse staff, i.e. diversity has become a competitive advantage, according to István Captain, a business acquisition advantage.

"If the goal was clear, then the impossible became less and less." — Dora Sibeni

 There is also a consensus that a well-functioning, diverse company is characterised by inclusiveness and openness, complemented by an atmosphere where everyone can speak boldly – and we display diversity as a value.

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