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Equal opportunities are not linked to gender, but to life situations

Diversity Week 2020 – summary 2. Day

2020.05.26.Budapest – nearly 200 participants in 5 programmes completed the second day of hblf diversity week. This year, E.ON promoted good practices within the company with three programs on talent management, learning and acceptance of diversity, and transforming energy into synergies. Their focus in-house talent management programme is available to talented workers who want to develop both professional competences and leadership skills during the 2×9-month programme. On the basis of their own surveys, they aim to give workers a chance, regardless of gender or marital status, when developing programmes such as this, since equal opportunities are not gender-related but linked to the situation of life. In the show Action against Diversity and Prejudice, after a tour of the concepts of diversity, bias, prejudice, stereotype and discrimination, viewers left with such an essential message that the first step was to make the individual recognize different roles and their own feelings about the subject and situations in order to handle a very negative situation well. Given that diversity lurks in both cultural and demographic differences in a team, negotiating and teamwork is of paramount importance in the ability of the parties to polish the channels of cooperation despite their differences. Judit Haraszti, E.ON North Transdanubian Power Grid Ltd. the composition of the successful use of women's and men's energies and strengths through his own example. Based on his experience, a leadership style is successful, where women and men can work together and learn from each other.


From 17:30 onwards, it was possible to participate simultaneously in the programmes of the National Association of BWN and Managers, since while at the former Zoom meeting there was an interactive discussion about gender division during the COVID-19 virus situation, business cafe jaksity kata Facebook Live viewers were bodó teodo, Director of Communication and Government Relations of the Bosch Group in Hungary and the Adria region, Prerna Sujan, executive and business coach and Miklósilinda Me , they were able to hear the opinions and experiences of the executive of the Open Non-Profit Organisation on diversity. Bodó Theodo stressed that diversity is a fundamental value in business, an essential part of a collaborative innovative workplace. In addition, as a woman, family inspiration, a strong family network and a supportive work environment count together. Individually, we should strive to be aware of the environment and career that we desire, and with that in mind, it is worth moving towards our dreams.






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