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Employment rehabilitation in a corporate environment

Masters Course of the EU Faculty of Diversity Hungary a series of programmes for sharing diverse practices

This year's new knowledge-based Masters Course was launched under the title "Occupational Rehabilitation in a Corporate Environment" by the EU Hungary.

Budapest, 2021. 01.21.At the opening event, Péter Hardy, a diversity sectarian at E.ON Hungária Zrt., shared his company experience and E.ON's good practice on the subject.

During his presentation, he presented the process of rehabilitation within the body in a very practical, step-by-step way in a case that had already actually happened and ended successfully.Participants were given detailed insights into how that activity is structured and how E.ON helps its staff. Peter Hardy also recounted his own experiences, drew attention to possible challenges and suggested different options for solving them. Finally, it discussed how E.ON has been able to link rehabilitation to HR activities and diversity management.

The presentation will be made available to our members on HBLF's private YouTube channel at a later date.