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Sharing good practices in the light of diversity and responsibility

Masters Course of the EU Faculty of Diversity Hungary a series of programmes for sharing diverse practices

The EU Faculty of Diversity and Hungary Course continued. At the event on 10 February entitled "Sharing good practices in the light of diversity and responsibility", a number of useful good practice examples were shared by Márta Berzsenyi, Avis Budget Group BSC Kft. HR director with the participants.

2021.02.10. Budapest At the event of the Masters Course on 10 February, Avis Budget Group shared with the participants the good practices of the Avis Budget Group in the light of diversity and responsibility. Director of HR.

In her presentation, Márta first explained what it means for the company to take responsibility and how it manifests itself in the operation and daily life of the company, and also drew attention to the importance of Avis's management, the development of a company value system that is in line with the values of its employees, and then described how it could be carried out in practice.

There was also talk of implementing the employee value proposition EVP (EVP), which in the case of Avis is manifested in the development of a volunteering community, FUN Factory. Márta also told the participants in detail about the value represented by Fun Factory and the programmes organised in the light of the EVP (Mentoring, Charity Cupcake, ABG got talent, Diversity and Appreciation Week, etc.). Finally, csr programmes presented exercises designed to measure the cultural shaping power (pulse-check-in questionnaire, focus group discussions, exit interviews).

The presentation will be made available to our members on HBLF's private YouTube channel at a later date.