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Andrea Istenesné Solti has been shortlisted in the Abercrombie Diversity Champion of the Year category at European Diversity Awards 2022

Andrea Istenesné Solti, President of Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) and Country Chair of Shell Hungary Plc., achieved great results, who, together with the colleagues and Board of Directors of HBLF and the leaders of HBLF member companies, led three special initiatives to success in 2022. 

With the campaign to support Female Leaders in March (Let’s give women endless opportunities too!), with the International HBLF X Mentor program and with one of the most active Diversity Months in the EU, HBLF reached more than 7 million people.

This work and the social impact of the programs were recognized by the European Diversity Award where Andrea Istenesné Solti was shortlisted as Abercombie Diversity Champion of the Year.

Launched in 2010, the European Diversity Awards are now firmly established as the continent’s most prestigious and widely respected diversity event. Attended by leading lights from business, politics and the media, the EDA recognizes those individuals and organizations whose outstanding leadership has made a genuine difference to the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. We recognize achievement across all strands of diversity: race, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity and belief.

HBLF’s flagship project, the award-winning HBLF International X Mentor Program that connects the next generation of female leaders to senior decision-makers. Over one year participants have the chance for 1:1 sessions with a dedicated mentor to receive personalized advice and valuable feedback, or get introductions to their networks. The program’s seasoned mentors are prominent, experienced representatives of business or public life in Hungary and internationally. Behind the scenes HBLF provides structured onboarding, preparation and offers extracurricular self-development workshops. This work is happening with the leadership of Andrea.

This year-long mentoring program is successfully running for the 5th time in a row, and it has served 172 mentees. Awards given to the program under Andrea’s leadership include the Open Spotlight Award 2020 and the Mentor Oscar 2021.

HBLF Female Leaders in March campaign:

HBLF EU Diversity Month 2022:

Congratulations on the outstanding result!

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