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Employer and employee together for diversity LeasePlan / Masters Course 5. – EU Diversity Hungary

On April 7, our Master's Course program continued. Hajnalka Kriszt of LeasePlan Zrt. Your HR manager has shared their corporate good practices with us, highlighting the ones that have the greatest impact on employee engagement, diversity and building an inclusive culture.

The corporate culture of LeasePlan Zrt. in Hungary is essentially encoded as a value, since the beneficial effect of Dutch culture also affects member companies with less inclusive national cultures. "Together we are smarter than any individual", i.e. each member company brings its own diversity in its own way and does together to achieve common goals.

"If a company is really able to not only atone with "Our greatest values are our people", but also actually take advantage of the different values and behaviors of individuality, it will have a very little imitation competitive advantage. Today's leaders are tasked with developing a corporate culture where each employee is valued and allowed to develop their skills for corporate success."