Csatlakozom Jelentkezés eseményre

The signatory company’s name will be listed on the webpage and social media platforms and other communicational materials and press releases of Diversity Charter Hungary
The Diversity Charter Signee logo will be provided for a one year period
Free participation at one Diversity Charter Hungary professional event
Make a commitment, which should be implemented in 1 year from signing
Yearly monitoring of the diversity developments
Joining fee to 49 employees between 50-249
from 250
20 000 HUF/year 70 000 HUF/year 110 000 HUF/year


Optional consultation packages


Evaluation of the online filled Diversity Status Report and sending of the quantifiable results in writing (1 hour)
Face-to face consultation about the Report and the possible development areas (1 hour)
Making and sending of a detailed written report (1 hour)
Yearly monitoring of the diversity developments (1 hour)
Basic consultation package: 80 000 HUF+VAT/company (4 working hours)


Professional support for the preparation or review of the Diversity and Inclusion (or Equal Employment Opportunities) strategy and action plan
Diversity „best practice” consulting session (age diversity, family-friendly workplaces, employment of disabled people, integration of Roma people, etc.)
Diversity project management support in the form of consultations
Enhance non-discriminatory HR processes
Assessing employee needs linked to equal opportunities and diversity
Consultation on monitoring the outcomes of equal opportunities and diversity practices
Diversity Benchmark Report in chosen areas of diversity (family-friendly workplace, multigenerational management, employment of disabled people) + expert consultation on benchmark results
Professional consulting support on how to communicate Diversity and CSR issues inside the company
Professional consulting support on how to communicate Diversity and CSR issues outside the company
Responsible employer branding – Diversity branding consultation
Linking and measuring social sustainability, social responsibility and diversity
(ISO 26000, GRI, KPI, ROI)
Fee: 20.000 HUF+VAT/ working hour on special quotation